It's fun. It's affordable. It's Tennis.

Join or Renew Your Membership

You can renew or buy a new membership. Become a Carp Tennis Club Member! Our prices can't be beat:

  • Family: $135
  • Single Adult: $75
  • Student: $50
  • Junior: $30

Clinics with the Pro

We are happy to provide adult and junior clinics with our pro, James Ferguson, for all levels and at a reasonable cost. Private lessons will also be available. For more information and to sign up, go to Programs and Lessons.

Court Booking

To book a time slot, please use our online court booking system – go to Court Booking

Where to Find Us?

We are located on the Carp Fair grounds at the corner of Langstaff Road and Juanita Road in Carp, Ontario. The Tennis Courts are just beyond the Huntley Community Centre.


You may park in the parking lot for the Community Centre or along the fence just beyond the Arena. There is no parking on the grass next to the Tennis courts. You must walk past the baseball diamond to access the tennis courts.